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280 Browns Line, Etobicoke (near Lakeshore, beside the Crosswalk & Subway Restaurant) ~ Phone: 416.255.4354
At Josephine Spa we always set to meet or exceed your expectations with your exotic massage experience. Our many beautiful attendants, each with they’re own massage technique, are masters in the art of Exotic Massage Therapy. You won’t be disappointed with what you experience, as our attendants will ensure you a quality session on every visit.

We are a fully licensed Body Rub Parlour located in Etobicoke, Ontario. We strive to ensure you a safe, classy and enjoyable experience by following all the rules and regulations set for this industry by the Government. We also screen our ladies so we can guarantee you the best ladies this industry has to offer. Each attendant is totally clean, friendly and licensed to work.

Our exotic massages, will release all your built up tensions. Check our rates page for more details on session length and prices.

We are an adult entertainment facility, which means our clients must be a minimum age of 18 years old. At Josephine Spa, we reserve the right to refuse entry, if the client is deemed to have inappropriate behavior or if the client is not of legal age.

Please take note that intercourse, oral sex, sex toys, any form of play and or party (alcohol/narcotics) is prohibited.
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