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280 Browns Line, Etobicoke (near Lakeshore, beside the Crosswalk & Subway Restaurant) ~ Phone: 416.255.4354


At Josephine Spa, we are dedicated to giving you fare rates coupled with an enjoyable exotic massage experience. Our rates are based on two session lengths.

option 1:

$45 for a 30 minute Massage

option 2:

$80 for a 60 minute Massage

Tipping Etiquette (inside room)

Tipping the attendant in the room is appreciated. We have receipts available. If you have any questions or concerns please call Josephine directly at 416-255-4354 or fill out survery at the front desk.


Please take note that intercourse, oral sex, sex toys, any form of play and or party (alcohol/narcotics) is prohibited.
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