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280 Browns Line, Etobicoke (near Lakeshore, beside the Crosswalk & Subway Restaurant) ~ Phone: 416.255.4354
At Josephine Spa your enjoyment is our business. We understand that many of our clients, lead very busy schedules, so we accomodate to everyone by staying open all year round, 7 days a week, call anytime. Allow us to relax your tensions and relieve the stress from your body. Our licensed attendants each with they’re own massage technique, will surely leave you with many memorable moments. Be sure to come to us for your Exotic Massage Therapy.

Some other places seem content with plagiarizing our attendant's descriptions and attempting to duplicate the look of our website. Giving you expectations on which they can not deliver you. But let us assure you only Josephine Spa can give you correct, concise and original content in regards to our attendant’s descriptions. This will give you an opportunity to learn a little about our attendants, allowing you to choose exactly what you want with no unwanted surprises.

At Josephine Spa we are dedicated to meeting or exceeding your expectations. We have set in-house guidelines to ensure you a safe and fair experience. As for tipping, we have set a maximum limit of $60 per session. This will ensure the client never pays more then he needs to. We also provide clean and efficient facilities. Each room is equipped with a shower, clean sheets and towels. We screen our attendants during the hiring process, and we make sure each one of them are licensed and up to par with the Government's standards.

As you wait for your session to commence, have a seat in our lobby and help yourself to some complimentary candy and refreshments. You will also be treated to eye candy as our beautiful attendants are always dressed in lingerie and bikinis. We have a wide selection of ladies for you to choose from, each one unique and seductively gorgeous. Giving you an opportunity to experience something new on every visit.

Go forth and feel free to explore our online home. Visit our attendants page aswell as get detailed information about our services, guidelines, directions, rates and hours of operation. And remember when it comes to licensed Exotic Massage Therapy, Josephine Spa is the BEST in the GTA.

Please take note that intercourse, oral sex, sex toys, any form of play and or party (alcohol/narcotics) is prohibited.

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